In-Depth: Smok TFV12 Review ‘Cloud Beast King’ Vape Tank

In-Depth: Smok TFV12 Review 'Cloud Beast King' Vape Tank

This assessment of the Smok TFV12 tank is more like a preview than a full-blown review. We are going to test the brand new ‘Cloud King’ vape tank at the next earliest opportunity. From what we have seen up to now this thing seems insane! That’s the word that keeps coming over to me which is not a term that I use often.

12 coil heads in huge coils which can operate up to 350 watts. You can just imagine the level of vapour production. If you happen to be thinking that a tank that accommodates an atomizer with 12 coil heads has to be big, you will be right. But the good news is that it must be not unwieldy huge. The TVF12 is really a 28 mm tank.

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The TFV12 Cloud Beast King is founded on the original Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast and goes further inside the quest for far more vapor. The TFV12 is really a leak resistant top load vape reservoir with a 6 ml e-juice capacity. It is designed to withstand wear and last you an incredibly, very long time.

Smok is delivering some of the best mods and tanks in vaping right now. They have got really moved the soccer ball forward for anybody looking for a greater vaping encounter. The TFV12 is for those looking to expertise huge vapor and push your high performance mods to their very boundaries.

Smok TFV12 Review.

Starting off this Smok TFV12 review let’s talk about the coil options. There are 6 different coil options. If you buy the TFV12 you are going to have the V12-T12 coil which is the 12 headed coil. This is the one which will take one to 350 watts if you want! But you can also get plenty of incredible, huge vapour at 150 watts or 200 watts. But you just might want to attempt the 350 watts even though. It will be intensive!

Smok TFV12 Review: The tank can accommodate 6ml of e-liquid
Smok TFV12 Review: The tank can accommodate 6ml of e-liquid

We are looking forward to the state release of the Smok TFV12 so we will give it a complete review. Due to the exceptional quality and performance of its predecessors. Both of which, by the way, stay excellent choices for fantastic vaping. The TFV12 is bigger and updated with new innovations.

Innovations like heat amount of resistance, new glass drip tip options, bigger airflow and wear resistant components. As for how it vapes we expect it will probably be pretty incredible. Smoktech is on a roll. Not only with tanks though with phenomenal mods like the Alien or the modern day Smok By-Cube Ultra 220 watt mod. The TFV12 is very very much anticipated. Once we are able to test it out we are going to update our review with all of the details.

Smok TFV12 Specs.

What we are able to talk about at the moment for our Smok TFV12 assessment are the specifications. As mentioned it is a large 28 mm vapor tank with a top fill design and huge changeable airflow. The Cloud Master is big! It stands 70 mm taller or 2.8 ” tall.

The SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King is available in 4 finishes.
The SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King is available in 4 finishes.

It weights in at 91 grams and the tank is a glass tube so it will handle your high vg e-liquids. You will definitely get an extra glass tube so we like that. Additionally, you will get some vape bands together with the tank and we recommend that you use them. The vape groups will help to protect the window from breaking up should your mod be knocked over of accidentally fallen.

The coils are very huge, the biggest coils that I have seen so far. Appropriately, the airflow has been enhanced. You can modify the air flow to suit your choice. The TFV12 is a leak-proof tank so no worries there and also the top fill up design helps keep things fast, convenient and clean.

Smok TFV12 Coils

In this Smok TFV12 review the coils are the main advancement. It is the coils that may launch this tank onto our list of the most effective vape tanks. There are half a dozen different Smok TFV12 coils to choose from. Of these six, four of them are pre-developed coils.

I like the pre-created coils from Smok because they let you appreciate high performance vaping just by swapping coils. You don’t should build your very own coils any further. Coil building is still pleasant for many vapers although no more required to experience the ultimate in vaping enjoyment.

When you buy the TFV12 system you will get the V12-RBA-T and the V12-T12 twelve headed coil. The V12-T12 coil is the one that will handle 350 watts. For that Smok TFV12 review I can only visit 300 watts because that is as high as the most powerful mod I have will go.

Therefore I am looking forward to testing it at 300 watts with the quad 18650 Wismec Reuleaux RX300 and also the Koopor Primus. Now there are rumors of the 400 watt mod coming over to market quickly. Smoktech has one in the drawing board.

Before too long we may see 350 watt or 400 watt mods. I can’t imagine issue going significantly further having said that i am surprised to see coils that can be vaped at 350 watts.

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